Week 11 – 5/3/1 – Day 41

Cycle #3

Legs got some much needed foam roll love today.  They were fairly sore from Wednesday’s squatting.

Bench Press:  5×65, 5×85, 3×100 + 5×125, 3×140, 6×160 Rep PR

Bench felt great.  Knocked in another rep PR.  I got a touch of help on the last rep.  I squeezed the shoulder blades together prior to de-racking the bar.

Boring But Big 70%

Press:  10/10/7/5/4/4 x 75 + DB Rows:  5x10x35

Presses felt very light today.  I managed to bang out 2 sets of 10!  Someone wanted to use the squat rack for squatting so I gave it up.  I, instead, got a barbell from one of the bench stations and basically cleaned the weight from the floor each time I started a set.  I think my grip was a bit wider than usual.  I kept my elbows directly underneath my hands so as to provide maximum power transfer to the bar.

Curls:  3x10x40 + Tricep pushdown:  3x10x35 + Face pull:  3x10x25

Curls were unusually difficult today.  Possibly from the extra pressing I was doing?  Tricep pushdowns and face pulls were still relatively easy.


2min. warm-up
2x 1min. 5spd / 1min. 3spd + 10% incline