Week 10 – 5/3/1 – Day 38

Cycle #3

Squat:  5×115, 5×135, 3×155, 2×175 + 3×205, 3×230, 4×260

These were very heavy.  I had my belt on for them.  Fourth rep, I leaned over quite a bit and felt like I did a good morning.

Boring But Big 70%

Deadlift:  8/6/5/4/4 x 205

Used a belt on all the sets.  Probably shouldn’t of done that, but I was feeling especially exhausted after the squat core lift.

Hanging Knee Raise: 8/6/5

Felt pretty weak on these- skipping them obviously the cause.


10% incline
3 min. 2.5 spd warm-up
2 x 1 min. 5.0 spd / 1 min. 3.0 spd

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