Week 8 – 5/3/1 – Day 29

Cycle #2

Missed my Tuesday Deadlift session.  Diablo 3, the game, came out that day and I was well…preoccupied with it for the remainder of the day.  Extremely bad on my part.  I’m also still coaching my little brother this week on the core lifts.  I’m having him start the beginner Stronglifts5x5 workout next week.  This week is teaching proper technique on all the core lifts as well as teaching him the Agile 8 and DeFranco’s.

This week concludes the second cycle and reflecting back on it, I can’t ignore the fact I’ve failed the consistency game.  I missed a day here, a day there.  My head wasn’t focused on succeeding and progressing.  This coming third cycle, Boring But Big intensity is going up to 70% as per Wendler’s 3-month challenge.  I know that the one thing that was extremely difficult to grind through this cycle was the Boring But Big assistances, especially on Squat/Deadlift days.

Agile 8 + DeFranco’s  Didn’t do the roll-over to v-sit exercise.

Bench Press:  3x10xBar + 5×65, 5×80, 5×95

I paid special attention to my form when performing each and every single rep.  Sometimes I forget to tighten my upper back or push my feet through the ground and drive up or tuck my elbows and so I made sure to do everything right.  Slow descent and explode from the chest.

Boring But Big 60%

Press:  10/10/9/8/8 + DB Row:  5x10x30 

I had a harder time this time around with this superset.

Curls:  3x10x30 + Tricep pushdown:  3x10x30 + Face pull:  3x10x25

These were easy as usual.  Face pulls were a bit easier today.  I need to rewatch the video on youtube where Charles Poliquin teaches the pull.