Week 7 – 5/3/1 – Day 26

Cycle #2

Agile 8 + DeFranco’s  Went into the workout after recovering from feverish day before.  My entire body was aching a lot- especially the legs, inner thighs.  Foam rolling was definitely not pleasant, but the body felt much much better afterwards.  Noticed that on the floor shoulder stretch that breathing in and out deeply got me to hold a deeper stretch.  Kept my zip up hoodie on for the entire workout to keep the body warm.

Bench Press:  3x10xBar + 5×120, 3×135, 3×155

Used PL arch on the second set.  Don’t remember what I did on the last set, but I cranked out 2 extra reps.  I had a guy spot me, so the extra confidence probably helped out. I did a 4th rep, but the guy pretty much did most of the lifting.

Boring But Big 60%

Press:  5x10x50 + DB Row:  5x10x30 

These were pretty grueling.  I stopped twisting my torso and made sure to keep it parallel to the bench when pulling the dumbbell during dumbbell rows.

Curls:  3x10x30 + Tricep pushdown:  3x10x30 + Face pull:  3x10x25

Still pretty easy.  I think I’ve got the hang of the face pull exercise.  People give me strange looks in the gym when I do them.


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