Week 5 – 5/3/1 – Day 17

Cycle #2

Agile 8 + DeFranco’s Upperbody Stretches

Press:  5×65, 5×75, 5×85

Last set was fairly challenging.  I think I’m going to warm-up a bit more thoroughly before these.  Felt like my muscles just weren’t ready.

Boring But Big 50%

Bench Press: 3x10xBar + 5x10x80

These were a tiny bit challenging.  I couldn’t get proper position of my back on the bench.  Seems like I’m tucking my elbows in on the right side.  Next time, I’m going to focus flaring the elbows instead to keep the distribution of work even.  Felt like my right lats and arm were working harder than my left.  Probably because of the elbow tucking.

Lat Pulldown:  5x10x40

Used a different machine to do these and they felt really light.  Increased the weight from 30 to 40lbs.

Curls:  3x10x40 + Tricep pushdown:  3x10x40 + Face pull: 3x10x20

The curls were pretty hard.  So were the tricep push downs.  Might decide to go back to 30  and increase the weight for next cycle.  Face pulls were actually challenging today.  I used a staggered stance and made sure not to use my back to jerk the pulling movement.  Slow and controlled pull to the face.