Week 3 – 5/3/1 – Day 10

Cycle #1

Treadmill walk 5min + Agile 8  Hips are noticeably more flexible.  The mountain climbers are much easier; this dynamic stretch along with the groiners still gets me sweating and breathing quickly, but definitely not as exhausting compared to when I first started doing them.

Deadlift:  5×125, 3×150, 2×175 + 5×205, 3×230, 1×260

I got my numbers right this time, woohoo!  I banged up my left shin good pulling the bar against them.  Important technique change that helped alleviate a lot of lower back stress was narrowing my grip width.  I noticed that having my grip width about 2 inches wider was causing me to pull un-perpendicular to the floor.  Narrowing my grip helped to reduce strain on my lower back and actually got me to lift much more efficiently.

Boring But Big 50%

Squat: 5x10x135

First 3 sets got me tired.  I rested a bit longer prior to my 4th and 5th sets.  Noticed that the bar was, again, rolling up on my lower back.  Eventually on the last few reps, the bar is almost in high bar position and part of the bar ends up resting on my right trap.  I feel as though I’m using more of my left trap and not enough of my right.  Right shoulder injury may be causing me to lose flexibility in the right arm- I really don’t know…

Ab Wheel:  10/7/7

Felt much stronger on these today than previous ab wheel sessions.  Also…forgot to do two additional sets, doh!

Treadmill 1 mile @ 3.0

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