Week 2 – 5/3/1 – Day 7

Cycle #1

Treadmill 5min. walk + Agile 8  Wasn’t as gassed today.  I did cut the number of reps for mountain climbers in half; I was running a bit late- Knicks vs. Magic game was on and…we won!

Bench Press:  2x10xBar, 5×65, 5×75, 5×95 + 3×115, 3×125, 3×140

The work sets felt heavy.  I need a better way of warming up my arms/chest so my CNS can kick in and stabilize the lift.  I feel way too wobbly when I press.  More warm-up reps, I think, would benefit my predicament.

Boring But Big 50%

Press:  5x10x50 + DB Row:  5x10x35 

Narrow grip worked my forearm a lot.  Noticed that the weight would roll back away from the base of my palm, causing unnecessary strain on the wrists.  This appears to happen in conjunction with me resetting my elbows forward the bar because my forearm ends up being in a sloped position when looking at me from a side view.  Noticed that my right side was much more fatigued than my left when performing the DB Rows.

Curls:  3x10x30 + Tricep pushdown:  3x10x30 + Face pull:  3x10x30

Pretty easy work.  Kept the weight 30lbs across all three exercises to make it easy to remember.  My ego quietly whispers in my ears constantly, to up the weights, but as Wendler said…these accessory exercises don’t matter.