Week 2 – 5/3/1 – Day 5

Cycle #1

Treadmill walk 5min + Agile 8  The glute piriformis tennis ball foam roll hit the spot on my left glute.  My legs were feeling especially tender today- really felt my muscle getting kneaded.

Press:  5×45, 5×55 + 3×65, 3×75, 3×85

Not bad, the lower volume made it fairly easy.  I’m thinking of using fractional plates, but…I think I’ll wait and see how difficult this becomes in a few more cycles.  I didn’t do much upper body stretching aside from 3×10 of shoulder dislocations.

Boring But Big 50%

Bench Press: 3x10xBar + 5x10x75

These felt much easier than the previous weeks.  I tried to look down towards my belly to see my arms in my peripheral view.  With this view, I was able to somewhat see where my upper arm was going.  I also wanted to make sure the bar was going down evenly and not favoring one arm over the other.  I used a thumbless grip as well.  The 3 empty bar sets, I think, helped my CNS get acclimated to where the bar needed to properly go.

Lat Pulldown:  3x10x35

Fairly easy.  I’m not exactly sure what proper technique and form for this lift is- I sort of just went by feeling.  I noticed I was lifting my chest towards the bar when I pulled down.  I also made sure to make contact to my chest with the bar each time.

Curls:  3x10x30 + Tricep pushdown:  3x10x30 + Face pull:  2x10x30

Right biceps felt like they were working harder than my left again.  I, then, was curious and decided to use a thumbless.  Immediately, I noticed that my right arm wasn’t working as much.  Tricep pushdowns were pretty easy.  The face pulls were very easy, but it’s hard to maintain balance with two feet.  I staggered my stance to prevent myself from being pulled forward when releasing the pull.

Treadmill walk 1 mile @ 3.0 speed

Week 1 – 5/3/1 – Day 4

Cycle #1

Treadmill 5min. walk + Agile 8  

Squat:  5×95, 3×120, 2×145 + 5×175, 5×200, 5×230

Still fairly light.  Tried to make sure I dug the bar low on my back.  It definitely does put my shoulders in an unfavorable position.

Boring But Big 50%

Deadlift:  5x10x135

Banged up the top part of my shin pretty badly.  Other than that, it was fairly easy.  I was a bit gassed as usual, but I think, in time, my body will get used to the hypertrophic nature of the assistance exercises.

Hanging Leg Raises:  10/7/6

I probably could have finished the second and third sets, but I wasn’t really focusing on resting much; the gym was closing within 5 minutes when I first started the exercise.