Week 1 – 5/3/1 – Day 1

Cycle #1

So, today was pretty awkward for me since it was a Press day.  I really wanted to do some squats so I did 5 reps of 135, 3 reps of 185, 3 reps of 225 and a 315 squat lockout.  It’s definitely a nice change not having to squat every workout, but I’m starting to miss them already.

Press:  5×65, 5×75, 5×80

Still pretty easy.  My right rotator cuff felt it was about to pop out my shoulder at anytime.


Bench Press: 5x10x75  Right shoulder was working harder than usual.  Squeezing the shoulder blades together makes the lift awkward.  Elbows naturally get tucked near lats instead of flaring out.

Chin-ups:  6/4/3/2/3 – Wendler mentions that if I can’t perform at least 10 that I should be performing lat pull downs instead.  I’ll go ahead and do that for bench press day.

Curls:  10×50, 7×50, 5×50 – Going to lower the weight on this.  I was struggling on the second set already.  Assistance should be fairly light and not hinder core lifts.

Tricep pushdown:  10×30, 10×40, 8×40:  Going to stay at 30 lbs for the next pressing day.

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