Week 11 – Madcow5x5 – Day 30B


5 x 135
5 x 160
5 x 190
5 x 190


225 x 20 seconds
315 x 20 seconds

I really wanted to know what 315 lbs felt like.  I did lockouts a while back when I first started my SL5x5 routine.  Being able to feel 225 lbs was definitely helpful I think in training my CNS to getting familiar with the load on my body.  I did the same thing with 315 lbs yesterday.


5 x 65
5 x 75
5 x 85
5 x 95

Got stuck halfway on the last rep of the last set.  Lockouts definitely got my shoulders tired.


5 x 185
5 x 215
5 x 245
5 x 285

Chalked my shins pretty well.  Definitely felt like I didn’t use as much lower back.  Kept the bar close to my body.  The mental cue that helped a lot was to pull the bar against my body and imagine pushing my feet through the ground.


Chin-ups:  6/3/4 x BW – Not bad.  Previous lifts definitely left me without much gas left.

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