Week 5 – Madcow5x5 – Day 13B


5 x 125
5 x 155
5 x 190
5 x 190

These were really easy.  Not much to point out.


5 x 55
5 x 65
5 x 75
5 x 85

Not bad.  A bit difficult.  Right triceps were working a bit harder again.


5 x 155
5 x 185
5 x 215
5 x 245

Not bad.  Did touch and go on the first set.  Banged my shin up in the process, so that’s a no go.  Back was a bit more strained than last week.  I think I rushed it a bit.


Sit-ups – 33/13/11:  Used a 20lb dumbbell counterweight.  Actually worked quite nicely.  Feels as though my lower abs are being focused more than my upper abs.  Can’t complain.

HIIT – 4-7-4-8-4-7:  Legs were feeling tired.

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