Week 29 – Day 79A


5 x Bar
5 x 145
3 x 175
2 x 205
1 x 235
5 x 265 PR !!!

Got another PR.  I’m not sure if I went low enough on the 4th rep.  My camera ran out of memory when trying to film just the first warm-up weight.  Going for 1.5xBW next workout and hopefully I can sort out the camera issue by then.


2 x 5 x Bar
5 x 75
3 x 95
2 x 115
1 x 135
3 x 160

Stalled hard on the bench.  Didn’t feel confident with the lift.  Should definitely get a spotter next time to improve confidence and give the lift all I’ve got.


5 x 95
3 x 115
5 x 135

People using the rack, so I couldn’t get my cleans in.  Decided to do some rows, felt a bit heavy for the weight.  Squeeze the bar hard before lifting.  This causes the lats to contract.  Promotes less jerking by using controlled lift as opposed to using jerk momentum to get the weight up.  Makes the muscles work harder.


10/5/3 x BW + 15 lbs Dips – Pretty hard, going to go up to 17.5 next A session.

3 x 12 x 7.5 lbs Reverse crunches – Tried doing dragon flags before this.  The negative wasn’t too bad, but the positive was impossible to do.  I think I might start doing some additional core exercises to get me to dragon flagging.