Week 27 – Day 74B


5 x Bar
5 x 165
3 x 185
2 x 205
1 x 225
5 x 245 PR

YEAH BUDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! NEW PR!!!  Belt definitely helps tremendously.  Had a bit wider grip, I tweaked my shoulder this past saturday while boxing.


5 x 45
3 x 65
2 x 75
5 x 87.5

Still not bad.  Narrowing grip helped a lot.


5 x 175
3 x 195
2 x 215
5 x 235

Still pretty easy.  Used chalk.  Alternating, overhand-underhand.


5/3/2 x BW x Chin-ups – Pretty hard still, but a lot easier than pull-ups on the crappy pull-up bar with weird grip positions.

3 x 45 sec. x Prone bridge – Not as hard as before.  Used my iPod to keep strict track of time passed during work and rest.

4/7/4/8/4/7/4/8 x HIIT – Going to start doing HIIT cardio again to start cutting back and aiding in getting my caloric deficit.  I feel like my metabolism has definitely slowed down and my weight isn’t moving much so the extra cardio should help.

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