Week 24 – Day 67B


2 x 5 x Bar
5 x 155
3 x 175
2 x 195
3 x 5 x 210

Minor lower left back pain.  Felt a bit heavier today.  May not have recovered as well as I wanted to.  I should probably stretch out my legs on recovery days to get some more blood flowing and to increase recovery time.  I was pretty tired during the workout as well though, so my energy levels were probably pretty low.


5 x Bar
3 x 55
2 x 65
3 x 5 x 75

Narrowed my grip from the usual.  Made sure the bar weight wasn’t resting on my palms to avoid stress on the wrists.  This raised the bar up to my chin.  I also noticed that my left wrist was buckling on the positive press.  The mental cue I was using to avoid this was to imagine I was trying to snap the bar in half upwards.  I also tried to roll my wrists forward and have the weight go forwards up then back instead of up then back.  Without going forward, I noticed that my wrists will have to buckle.


5 x 155
3 x 175
2 x 195
5 x 215

These were very easy.  I was going for speed and explosiveness on each rep.  My grip \got messed up on the last rep and so I was unable to lock out the weight for as long as I wanted to.


4 x BW x Pull-ups – Guy was taking forever on the pull-up bar.  Only did 4 reps on the first set, I felt like I could’ve gone for 5.

2 x 4min. punching bag – I played one song for each round.  Worked on my left hook.  I think I’m still raising my shoulder when I hook.  After the 2 rounds, I was pretty spent.  Worked on lower body and head shot hooks.