Food Log – Day 1

I am making another attempt at trying to keep track of what I eat.  I think now more than ever is the most appropriate time to start doing this because I feel I have reached the point where I can intuitively know if I’m eating enough and not eating enough and see immediate results from it.  By keeping a log and tracking what I consume daily, I think I’ll have an even better grasp of the results of my performance in the gym (good / bad workout) and I can better gauge if I am consuming too much or too little.  My weight has for the better part of the last 2 months, plateaued around ~177-180 lbs.  My new bulk goal for the next 3 months is trying to get my weight up to 185 – 190 lbs with < 18% body fat.

I haven’t been eating as much as I want to because I’ve definitely gained a bit more than I want to in body fat and so I’ve reduced my caloric intake.  To get to my new bulk goal, caloric excess is a must.  Therefore, in order to offset excessive fat gain, I’m going to introduce HIIT post workout.  In addition, I’m going to start doing some conditioning through boxing once a week.

Meal 1a:
9:00 AM – 12 oz. skim milk /w 1 scoop whey protein
30g Pro
27g Carb
1g Fat
Total kCal:  300

Meal 1b:
11:30 AM – 1/2 cup Thick Rolled Oats /w 1/4 cup milk
9g Pro
35g Carb
5.5g Fat
Total kCal:   226.5

Meal 2:
1:30 PM – Dragon Roll (12 pieces) /w 1 cup miso soup
14.4g Pro
66g Carb
24g Fat
Total kCal:  540

Meal 3:
3:30 PM – 2 cups Spring Mix Salad /w 1 can sardine in extra virgin olive oil
46g Pro
40g Carb
20g Fat
Total kCal:  442

Meal 4:
7:30 PM – 2 small chicken breasts + 2 cups skim milk
47.6g Pro
24g Carb
20g Fat
Total kCal:  496

Meal 5:
9:30 PM – 8 shrimp + 1 plate cooked rice
11.76g Pro
24g Carb
1g Fat
Total kCal:  161

Protein:  158.76g (29.6%)
Carb: 216g (40.3%)
Fat:   71.5g (30.1%)
Calories:   2142.54