Week 16 – Day 45B

Quick warm-up.  Squats were pretty heavy; I got pretty nauseous in between sets.  I think this may be attributed to my slightly lower calorie intake.  I also opted out of eating and waiting another hour before the workout because I wanted to give myself time to do some low intensity 20 minute cardio post workout.  Stalled worse than the previous press workout; probably due to my heavier squat (increased muscle fatigue on the shoulders).  This marks my second deload on the press so I’m decreasing the volume to 3×5.  Thus far, I’ve stalled at least once on every single lift except for my deadlift.  I pulled 275 today.  The first rep was remarkably easy, but fatigue set in pretty quickly albeit only pulling 5 reps.  Pull-ups were somewhat easier in the beginning, so I’m definitely getting stronger.  I decided to use 15 pounds for the counter weight for the reverse crunches as 17.5 was getting too easy for me.  And finally, I ran for 15 minutes at 5.5 speed.  My heart rate was around 175+ for the duration of the run.  I was fairly comfortable, but I hadn’t ran for such a long time.  My left ankle was bothering me and my running form was wobbly as hell.


2 x 5 x Bar

5 x 135

3 x 155

2 x 185

3 x 5 x 215


5 x Bar

3 x 65

5/5/4/4/3 x 87.5


5 x 175

3 x 205

2 x 235

5 x 275


4/3/2 x BW Pull-ups

3 x 15 Reverse crunches

15 min. 5.5 speed Treadmill