Week 15 – Day 42A

Pretty quick work out today, Labor Day Monday, no work!.  I think I should be carrying out my sessions in this manner.  Most of my workouts have been taking almost an hour and a half.  Of course, I also include my warm-up and warm-downs and accessories in the time, but I think I should only be taking the maximum of one hour.  I’ve read that the optimal amount of time for working out is roughly 40 minutes.  So, right there, I’m already working out more than twice the amount of time.

Squats are getting somewhat heavy again, I’m getting stuck in the hole for longer periods of time.  I find myself questioning my form again now that the weight is going up again.  I feel like to compensate for the heavier weight, I’m setting my stance to a much wider width.  I’m also feeling like I’m leaning forward a bit more instead of maintaining an upright torso.  Bench press went extremely well today albeit only doing 3 sets.  While rep’ing out on the second set, I had a “technique epiphany”.  Basically, I had a mid rep realization where my body suddenly adjusted itself into the most optimal form and I was able to rep out the weight very easily.  I was no longer feeling like my right arm and lats were doing the bulk of the work.  The quick change I made was to set my elbows underneath my wrists.  Now, after some brief search online, it seems as though I may actually be “flaring” my elbows which is not ideal.  The problem with my previous bench form was that I was attempting to tuck my elbows with a very wide grip.


1 x 10 shoulder dislocations

1 x 10 hip mobility stretch

1 x 10 leg swings


2 x 5 x Bar

5 x 135

3 x 155

2 x 175

3 x 5 x 200


2 x 5 x Bar

5 x 75

3 x 95

2 x 115

3 x 5 x 135


5 x 115

3 x 135

3 x 5 x 155

Week 14 – Day 41B

Squats were unusually difficult today.  I got stuck in the hole twice on the last rep of each set.  Presses were also pretty difficult.  Missed my last rep on the 4th and 5th sets.  Was feeling it more in my right arm again.  Deadlift is really heavy, but managed to crank out the 5 reps.  I’m still fairly weak on my pull-ups.

Bodyweight:  178.8

Body Fat:  22%

It’s been a while since I’ve taken measurements, but seems as though I’m pretty much floating around the 178 – 180 lb area with quite a bit of pudge around the mid section.  I’m going to continue my current caloric intake amount and the routine for now.  I’m not sure if my body can take it, but I’d like to see if I can reach 185 at around the same body fat within the next 3 months.  My weight gain has certainly plateaued for a good month now and I’m fairly satisfied with the strength gains.  I feel like I’m stronger than I’ve ever been before.  I’ve been itching to start some boxing to improve my speed and agility and improve my cardio stamina.  I think this would be a great way to lean out.  Of course to ACTUALLY lose the pudge, I’d have to ease up on the calorie intake a bit.  Cutting it down to one yogurt instead of 2 a day should help a bit.


2 x 10 Shoulder dislocations

2 x 15 sec. Doorway pec stretch

2 x 10 Leg swings

2 x 20 sec. static Squat stretch


2 x 5 x Bar

5 x 135

3 x 165

3 x 5 x 195


5 x Bar

3 x 65

5/5/5/4/4 x 87.5


5 x 175

3 x 205

2 x 235

5 x 265


3/2/1.5 x BW Pull-ups

3 x 10 x 17.5 lbs Reverse crunches