Food Log – Day 1

I am making another attempt at trying to keep track of what I eat.  I think now more than ever is the most appropriate time to start doing this because I feel I have reached the point where I can intuitively know if I’m eating enough and not eating enough and see immediate results from it.  By keeping a log and tracking what I consume daily, I think I’ll have an even better grasp of the results of my performance in the gym (good / bad workout) and I can better gauge if I am consuming too much or too little.  My weight has for the better part of the last 2 months, plateaued around ~177-180 lbs.  My new bulk goal for the next 3 months is trying to get my weight up to 185 – 190 lbs with < 18% body fat.

I haven’t been eating as much as I want to because I’ve definitely gained a bit more than I want to in body fat and so I’ve reduced my caloric intake.  To get to my new bulk goal, caloric excess is a must.  Therefore, in order to offset excessive fat gain, I’m going to introduce HIIT post workout.  In addition, I’m going to start doing some conditioning through boxing once a week.

Meal 1a:
9:00 AM – 12 oz. skim milk /w 1 scoop whey protein
30g Pro
27g Carb
1g Fat
Total kCal:  300

Meal 1b:
11:30 AM – 1/2 cup Thick Rolled Oats /w 1/4 cup milk
9g Pro
35g Carb
5.5g Fat
Total kCal:   226.5

Meal 2:
1:30 PM – Dragon Roll (12 pieces) /w 1 cup miso soup
14.4g Pro
66g Carb
24g Fat
Total kCal:  540

Meal 3:
3:30 PM – 2 cups Spring Mix Salad /w 1 can sardine in extra virgin olive oil
46g Pro
40g Carb
20g Fat
Total kCal:  442

Meal 4:
7:30 PM – 2 small chicken breasts + 2 cups skim milk
47.6g Pro
24g Carb
20g Fat
Total kCal:  496

Meal 5:
9:30 PM – 8 shrimp + 1 plate cooked rice
11.76g Pro
24g Carb
1g Fat
Total kCal:  161

Protein:  158.76g (29.6%)
Carb: 216g (40.3%)
Fat:   71.5g (30.1%)
Calories:   2142.54

Week 18 – Day 52A

Squats were not bad, had a bit of pain afterwards, but I think the pain from my previous day of deadlifts carried over.  Bench felt pretty weak today, I couldn’t get a proper form on it.  My last set was the best of all the worksets; this was the case because I felt I used more of my lats.  Rows were very difficult, again my back was in a bit of pain from the deadlifts the previous day.  Level 3 core exercises were more difficult than I expected; I didn’t have much endurance.  HIIT was very easy.


2 x 5 x Bar
5 x 155
3 x 175
2 x 195
3 x 5 x 210


2 x 5 x Bar
5 x 85
3 x 105
2 x 125
5/4/4 x 145


5 x 135
5/4/2 x 165


13/7/4 x BW Dips

Core level 3:
Decline board leg thrusts – 2 x 8
Lying leg thrusts – 2 x 10
Reverse crunches – 1 x 10
Ab scissors – 1 x 8
Stability ball hip flexion – 1 x 12
Ab bicycles – 1 x 30
Stability ball crunches – 1 x 12
Alternating crunches – 1 x 20
Stability ball plank holds – 1 x 45-60 seconds
Abdominal vacuums

5 min. HIIT:
3-4 min. warm-up
I1 – 7mph, 1 min.
I2 – 4mph, 1.5 min.
I3 – 8mph, 1 min.
I4 – 4mph, 1.5 min.
3-4 min. warm-down

Week 18 – Day 51B

Squats felt unusually heavy.  First day of first deload since my volume drop to 3×5.  I definitely engaged my back, glutes and hamstrings more when I shoved my knees outward and pointed my toes out.  Press was not too bad, proper form definitely made the lift more difficult and really felt it in my shoulders.  Deadlifts were heavy as hell.  My grip was failing on my last warm-up 1 rep set.  Alternating grip was used with my right hand facing up.  I think I definitely rounded my back on the last and maybe even the second to last rep so I’m considering this as my first deadlift stall.  I’m thinking of purchasing an Inzer Forever Lever Belt.  I’m just not sure what thickness is optimal for my goals.  Accessories were pretty easy except for the pull-up.  I decided to do wide grip pull-ups instead of close-grip to emphasize work for my lats and back.  Treadmill was pretty easy.  I’m going to start doing HIIT instead of steady-state endurance work to speed up the fat loss.  Combined with my lower caloric intake, I think my sessions will start becoming tougher and tougher.  I weighed in at 175.6 today.  Hopefully the weight loss is mostly fat and not muscle.


2 x 5 x 45
5 x 145
3 x 165
2 x 185
3 x 5 x 205


5 x 45
3 x 55
2 x 65
3 x 5 x 75


5 x 155
3 x 185
2 x 225
1 x 265
4 x 290


4/3/2 x Wide-grip Pull-ups
3 x 45 sec. Planks
15 min. x 5.5/5.0 spd treadmill

Week 17 – Day 48A

Pretty good workout, long, but good.  Squats were pretty damn hard, stalled pretty hard on them today despite the fact I knocked 3×5 out last A session.  I was wearing my shoes throughout the sets so this may have attributed to me stalling.  There’s quite a bit of cushioning in the shoes so I may have lost a lot of power transfer on the positive.  This hard stall was offset with a surprisingly easy 5×5 bench.  I engaged my powerlifter arch before each workset.  I noticed that I could more easily distribute the weight across my upper back when I pushed through the ground with my feet.  The bar was lowered a bit higher on my chest than usual so I was most likely flaring my elbows more than usual.  There was no unusual balancing I encountered, I felt as though both my arms were working equally and my chest being engaged more.  Rows were difficult until I adjusted my technique.  I noticed that when I pulled up that I pulled the bar at an angle.  Instead of doing this, I moved my torso more over the bar so I can pull straight up into my chest.  This helped a lot with the heavy weight.  My dips are getting stronger.  I should have rested a bit more after the first set, I still felt the fatigue from the first set on the second set.  I think once I can reach 15-20 reps on the first set, I will go ahead and move on to weighted dips.  Planks were still relatively difficult.  I think progression on this workout will be a bit slower than the reverse crunches.


2 x 5 x Bar
5 x 175
3 x 195
2 x 215
5/3/3 x  230


2 x 5 x Bar
5 x 75
3 x 95
2 x 115
5 x 5 x 140


5 x 95
3 x 115
2 x 135
5 x 5 x 160


12/5/7 x BW Dips
3 x 45 sec. Plank

Week 16 – Day 45B

Quick warm-up.  Squats were pretty heavy; I got pretty nauseous in between sets.  I think this may be attributed to my slightly lower calorie intake.  I also opted out of eating and waiting another hour before the workout because I wanted to give myself time to do some low intensity 20 minute cardio post workout.  Stalled worse than the previous press workout; probably due to my heavier squat (increased muscle fatigue on the shoulders).  This marks my second deload on the press so I’m decreasing the volume to 3×5.  Thus far, I’ve stalled at least once on every single lift except for my deadlift.  I pulled 275 today.  The first rep was remarkably easy, but fatigue set in pretty quickly albeit only pulling 5 reps.  Pull-ups were somewhat easier in the beginning, so I’m definitely getting stronger.  I decided to use 15 pounds for the counter weight for the reverse crunches as 17.5 was getting too easy for me.  And finally, I ran for 15 minutes at 5.5 speed.  My heart rate was around 175+ for the duration of the run.  I was fairly comfortable, but I hadn’t ran for such a long time.  My left ankle was bothering me and my running form was wobbly as hell.


2 x 5 x Bar

5 x 135

3 x 155

2 x 185

3 x 5 x 215


5 x Bar

3 x 65

5/5/4/4/3 x 87.5


5 x 175

3 x 205

2 x 235

5 x 275


4/3/2 x BW Pull-ups

3 x 15 Reverse crunches

15 min. 5.5 speed Treadmill