Reassessing May 2012 Goals

Just looked at my first post on the blog and cracked a smile.  I set my Squat goal to be 230 and I’m almost there already (10 lbs more)!  That number, unfortunately, was when I was a fairly skinny 150 pounder.  My new 1.5xBW @ 176 lbs is now…264lbs flat.  It’s only been 2 months in and I’ve already skyrocketed my squat.  I’ve never done this much volume at this weight…ever.  My upper body on the other hand is definitely lagging more than I’d like.  Currently my Bench is at an embarrassing 120 lbs and my Press is at 80 lbs.  However, I do believe that I’ve finally made it over my Press wall.  I think it would be useful to set a Squat rest week for me so I can build my upper body lifts.  While many Stronglift-onites would probably think this is stupid considering I’m progressing so much on the Squat, I think my upper body lifts would get a significant boost if I had more energy to perform accessories post workout.  Mainly, I want to indulge in more dips/pushups/pull-ups/chin-ups to get my chest and shoulders up to par.  Looking at the lifts that I’m doing well on, it seems as though I’m quite a bit more capable of pulling rather than pushing.  I’m fairly excited for my Deadlift.  I haven’t had too much difficulty yet with the lift and I’m still using alternating grip.  I think I’ll have to invest in a weight belt pretty soon for my Squat and Deadlift.

I think 185lbs isn’t too far out of my reach within the year- definitely very heavy for my build I think.  I’d like to get up to 185 before May 2012 and cut down and start doing boxing and/or some sort of MMA to lean out and actually apply my newly found strength gains.  Boxing at a heavier weight is definitely not my slice of bread, I think I want to improve my agility and footwork once I hit my strength goals.


Squat – 1 x 265

Bench – 1 x 185

Press – 1 x 135

Deadlift – 1 x 315

Row – 1 x 225

Bodyweight:  185 max

Bodyfat:  < 20%

Dunk a basketball, hah.

Week 10 – Day 28B

Stalled on the 4th and 5th sets of the workset on squats.  Lower back was hurting like a mother after the workset, couldn’t stand for prolonged periods, had to sit down for the pain to subside.  After a while of resting, the pain disappeared completely.  Press was significantly easier than before.  I think it’s finally catching up to, albeit taking 10 entire weeks.   It’s somewhat disappointing the fact that I’m not even in the triple digits and it’s the 10th week pressing.  Deadlift was relatively easy- no back pain at all.  Alternating grip for the workset and the warm-up right before.  Noticed today that my arms weren’t perpendicular to the ground when pulling on the deadlift.  This helped a bit with the lift.  3 step cue on the pull:  legs straight and line-up bar over middle of foot, touch shins to the bar, lift chest-up and sit back making sure back is straight and not rounded.  I also did 3 sets of reverse crunches using a 20lb counterweight.  I did this once before and thought it was somewhat of a silly thing because I didn’t feel anything in my abs.  Today, I felt the burn.  No swinging and controlled crunch.


3 x 10 Shoulder dislocations

3 x 15 sec. Doorway pec stretch

3 x 10 Leg swings

3 x 30 sec. static Squat stretch

3 x 30 sec. glute activation


2 x 5 x Bar

7 x 135

5 x 155

3 x 175

2 x 195

5/5/5/3/3 x 220


5 x 40

3 x 50

2 x 60

5 x 5 x 77.5


7 x 155

5 x 175

3 x 195

2 x 215

5 x 245


3 x 10 x 20lbs Reverse Crunch