Week 9 – Day 26B

2nd stall on the squats.  I was a lot more mentally prepared for the squats despite me stalling on them.  Presses were a bit easier and managed to get passed my previous stall weight.  I’m not sure if I was cheating or not, but I was bouncing the weight off my chest on each rep.  I was not, however, performing a push press; I kept my knees perfectly rigid.  I did find myself arching my back quite a bit more though on the more taxing reps.  It would definitely help if I can see how much I’m arching my back when my shoulders begin to give out.  Deadlifts were pretty easy.  I switched my alternating grip position from my previous deadlift session- Palm up on the right hand.  I used alternating grip on the work weight and the warm-up set right before the work weight.  I think I rounded my back slightly on the last few reps of my deadlift workweight, felt it it my back after.


2 x 10 Shoulder dislocations

2 x 15 sec. Doorway pec stretch

2 x 10 Leg swings

2 x 30 sec. static Squat stretch

3 x 30 sec. glute activation


2 x 5 x Bar

5 x 155

3 x 175

2 x 195

5/5/5/4/2 x 215


2 x 5 x Bar

3 x 65

5 x 5 x 75


7 x 155

5 x 175

3 x 195

2 x 215

5 x 235


7/4/2 x BW Dips

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