Week 7 – Day 21A

Pretty good workout today.  I’m not sure if I’m going low enough when I squat, but they were considerably easier given ample rest between the sets.  I think the walkouts I’ve been doing for a while now have caught up.  They really help with my upper back endurance.

I’ve stalled again first time on 115 lbs.  For some reason, I feel like I’m using more of my right arm when pressing than my left.  I find that when fatigue comes around, the bar slides to the right.  This could be a result of my weaker left side therefore my right arm is compensating.

Rows are getting pretty heavy.  I’m not sure if I’m jerking on some of the reps, but I try as hard as I can to maintain a strict Pendlay style bent-over BB row.

I decided to add in dips as an accessory exercise to help out with my weak press.  I know from one of the first editions of SL5x5, it was instructed to perform accessories after each session; one session you would do 3xF dips and one you would do 3xF pull-ups/chin-ups.  Ideally, I should have been doing accessories from the get go, but I don’t think I would’ve gotten as far as I could with my current lifts if I had added more work which would’ve meant longer recovery times needed.


3 x 10 Shoulder dislocations

3 x 10 sec. Doorway pec stretch

3 x 10 Leg swings

3 x 30 sec.  static Squat stretch


2 x 5 x Bar

5 x 135

3 x 155

2 x 175

5 x 5 x 195


10 sec. x 245

10 sec. x 265


2 x 5 x Bar

5 x 55

3 x 75

2 x 95

5/5/5/4/4 x 115


5 x 5 x 120


7/6/5 x BW


2 x 15 sec. warrior lunge + twist

2 x 15 sec. butterfly

Foam roller