Week 3 – Day 9A

Frighteningly, excruciating pain.  That’s how I started my workout.  I decided to find a resistance band to do shoulder dislocations.  I ended up popping my right shoulder out.  Took about an agonizing minute which felt like eternity until my shoulder popped back in.  I waited until my shoulder pain subsided a little bit and actually started my workout.  Stupid?  Maybe.  But, I went through my workout as planned anyway.

I’m finally back up to 45 plate squats again.  I remember when I stalled on these the first time I ran through SL5x5.  The “feeling” of squatting properly was a bit wobbly.  Some reps in a few sets felt like I was straining my lower back too much, some felt like I executed perfectly.  I need to sort out a mental cue order and run in through my head over and over.  After squatting, I followed with 2 sets of 225lb walkouts.  This were pretty scary to do.  I had a hard time unracking the weight as I couldn’t lift the bar from the hooks.  Reracking was even more frightening as I had to do a calf raise to bring the bar over the hooks.  Really wished the gym had a power cage.  For $99 a month, you’d think they’d have one.  Can’t wait until I build my own home gym.

Bench felt pretty good.  Kept a mental note to myself:  tightening my core, upper back and most importantly squeezing the bar helped make the reps much easier and stabilized the descent and ascent of the bar.

Rows are still really easy.  Managed to scraped my left knee on one of the reps when lowering the weight to the floor.  The lingering scrape pain was a nuisance.


2 x 10 Leg swings

2 x 30 sec.  static Squat stretch

2 x 15 sec. Doorway pec stretch


5 x Bar

3 x 95

2 x 115

5 x 5 x 135


2 x 8 sec. x 225lbs


5 x Bar

3 x 65

5 x 5 x 90


5 x 5 x 90

PWO Stretches:

2 x 15 sec. warrior lunge + twist

2 x 15 sec. butterfly

Leg foam rolls

Thoracic ext foam rolls


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