Week 2 – Day 6B

Fairly painful workout today.  My lower back has been bothering me this entire week.  I notice that my butt’s going up sooner than my shoulders therefore creating a temporary “arch” in my lower back thereby straining my lower back.  After the workout, I have trouble bending down (forwards that is).  I’m going to bring a camera with me to check my form.  Injury is the last thing I want as I’m only starting; fixing my form now will alleviate any future injuries that may arise from squatting with poor technique/form.

Presses were completed, but it seems like I’m already having a bit of a struggle to push the reps out.  My overhead presses have always been very weak; I have to look into strengthening this lift and or checking to see if I’m pressing with correct form/technique.  Sometime between the sets, I tweaked a muscle deep in my right traps.

Deadlifts were fairly easy.  I held onto the weight after the last rep to work on my grip strength.  I managed to hold on for roughly 15 seconds, but I’m sure I could have held on for longer.

Today marks my 2nd week after starting and I can already notice my abs slowly disappearing in the mid section.  After weighing myself today this morning, I found myself at a whopping 164.5 lbs!  That’s almost 15 lbs of weight gain in 2 weeks.  Slightly miss the lean abs, but more than worth the loss in the long run once I get back up to my 2 plate squat- my plate bench soon after.

Bodyweight:  164.5

Body Fat:  13%


2 x 30 sec. static Squat position stretch, pushing knees out

2 x 10 Leg swings

2 x 10 sec. Shoulder/Pec stretch

2 x 15 sec. Warrior Lunge + Twist


5 x Bar

3 x 95

5 x 5 x 120


5 x 5 x 60


5 x 145