Week 2 – Day 4B

Gym had a good amount of people tonight, but alas! no one was on the squat rack.  Overall summary of the workout…freakin’ awesome.  Heavy bass music a la Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and “‘Till I Collapse” had me in the zone throughout the workout.  Quads weren’t sore any more and Squats seemed easier than the last 2 workout days.  Took a mental note:  keeping upper back (shoulder blades & traps) super tight stabilized the lift ALOT making the positive motion very easy.  Overhead presses got my traps, inner deltoids and upper lats burning.  I still felt very unstable with the lift.  My recurring shoulder injury may return if I don’t maintain good form on the lift.  55lb+ bar landing on my head would not be ideal.  Since I’m only doing 1 set of Deads, I decided to speed up the progress and jumped to 135lbs today instead of 125.  Lifting with smaller plates on deadlifts is quite a nuisance.


2 x 30 sec. static Squat position stretch, pushing knees out

2 x 10 Leg swings

2 x 10 sec. Shoulder/Pec stretch


5 x Bar

5 x 5 x 110


5 x Bar

5 x 5 x 55


5 x 135


2 x 10 sec. x 185