Welcome to My Journey

School’s out, 4 years of college is done-zo’s.  This blog marks the beginning of many many new endeavors I wish to follow.  I have not worked out for nearly 5 weeks as of today…  So with this in mind, I’ve decided to bring myself back to the basics.  My lifting journey started 2 years ago with StrongLifts5x5 and I think it’d be appropriate to do so again.  Starting Monday, May 30th, I will be following a strict diet and starting the SL5x5 “Beginner” routine.  Squat-Bench-Row workout A and Squat-Press-Deadlift workout B.  I’ve outlined my “feeding” times on an Excel spreadsheet and I’m currently looking to eat 5 times a day, 2 to 3 hours between each meal.

My lifting goals for May 2012 are:

Squat – 1 x 230

Bench – 1 x 185

Press – 1 x 135

Deadlift – 1 x 315

Row – 1 x 225

It’s my wish to achieve the 1.5xBW squat within the next year and I think it’s definitely do-able.  I think the Squat and Deadlift are my two strongest lifts followed by the Row and Bench.  I plan on using a very strict form on the Rows and making sure I don’t “cheat” too much once I start lifting heavier weights.  The Press has been a long time culprit when it comes to making gains on the lift, but I’m optimistic on getting to that 1 plate within the year.